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Apply Ireland visa for Indian passport holders

Visit Ireland

Ireland is known for its castles, churches and museums. The country has the largest green space in Europe and the longest coastal touring route in the world. Apart from this, you can explore the mountains, lush valleys or indulge in water-based sports when you visit the country.

Ireland is not part of the Schengen agreement. So, you cannot travel to Ireland on a Schengen visa but will have to apply for a separate tourist visa.

Eligibility criteria for Ireland visa

  • Indian National holding a valid Indian passport with minimum validity of 6 months can apply for Ireland visa .
  •  Individual who wishes to travel to Ireland for the purpose of Tourism/Family or friends Visit/Business can apply visa through Travellerzdezire. 
  • We suggest applicants to carry Travel Insurance while travelling to Ireland . Travellerzdezire also provides Travel Insurance to passengers at an additional cost.

Overview : If you wish to come to Ireland for 90 days or less and if you are from a visa required country you will need to apply for a short stay ‘C’ (tourist) visa.It is advisable to apply for this visa 3 months before you scheduled date of travel.

What you can with this visa :

  • Tourism
  • Visit Family and friends 
  • Short term study courses
  • Medical Treatments
  • To get Married

What you cannot do with this visa : 

  • Do work (paid or unpaid) of any kind.
  • Use any publicly funded services. For example, a public hospital.

Documents required to apply for Ireland visa for Indian passport holders 

  • Original passport with minimum 6 months validity after the date you plan to leave Ireland.
  • A photocopy of each page from all previous passports you have (where available). Your application will be delayed if you do not provide copies of all previous passports you have
  • Include 2 passport-sized colour photographs of the visa applicant.Specification 45 mm X 35 mm, 70% to 80% face cover with both the ears visible, no border, taken within 06 months, white or grey back ground . On the back of each photo: a ) Sign your name (in your native script and language) b ) Write your Visa Application Transaction Number

  • Covering Letter:

    Type or write a letter explaining why you are travelling to Ireland with signature and date mentioned by the pax . 

    Your letter must include your full name and postal address, and:

    • The reason you want to come to Ireland
    • The dates you plan to arrive and leave
    • The place(s) you will stay, for example home address of your friend/family, hotel, hostel, B&B, etc
    • A description of who will pay (or help to pay) for your vacation, for example you, friend/family.

a ) If you are visiting a friend(s), your letter must also include:

  • The name(s) and address(es) of your friend(s) in Ireland
  • A description of how you and your friend(s) know each other
  • Documentary evidence of the relationship between you and your friend(s), for example copies of letters, emails, photographs together, etc
  • The names and addresses of any members of your family who also live in Ireland (even if you will not visit them)
  • The names and addresses of any members of your family who currently live in any other EU/EEA country or Switzerland.

If you are visiting family, your letter must also include:

  • The names and addresses of all members of your family who live in Ireland (including family members you will not be visiting)
  • The names and addresses of any members of your family who currently live in any other EU/EEA country or Switzerland.
  • Documentary evidence to show you are related to them (for example, birth certificates and marriage certificates etc.)
  • Documentary evidence to show your relationship with them (for example, copies of letters, emails, photographs together, evidence of previous visits by applicant or reference etc).

Your letter must also include a commitment from you that you will:

  • Obey the conditions of your visa in full
  • Not rely on public services (for example public hospitals) or become a burden on the State
  • Leave Ireland before your immigration permission expires.


  • Hotel Reservation / Accomodation details : Dates of stay and name of the pax should be mentioned
  • Financial Proof : Proof that you have enough finances to support yourself during your period of stay. 

a)If you are paying for your own visit include an up-to-date bank statement with your documents. The bank statement must:

  • Original Bank statement of last 6 months with seal and signature from Bank . ( No online downloaded statements accepted )
  • Show your name and address
  • Show the bank account number and account type. For example, checking/current account, savings and deposit account

b)If a friend or family member in Ireland is helping to pay for your visit type or write an estimate of how much your friend/family member will spend (in Euro) and what they will pay for (if appropriate). For example, the cost of airline tickets.

Your friend/family member must also show that they can afford these costs. This applies to any friends/family members who will help to pay for your vacation, including Irish citizens.

To do so, you must ask them to send you the following original documents and include them with your application:

  • An up-to-date bank statement, following the same rules as described above
  • If they are employed, they must provide:
    • Their 3 most recent payslips
    • Their most recent tax return document, for example in Ireland, an employment detail summary from Revenue
    • A letter from their employer that confirms they are employed.


  • Travel and medical insurance 
  • Proof of having paid the visa application fees
  • Evidence that you will return to your country after your visit. To prove this, you need to provide evidence of your employment and family commitments in your home country.

Visa Fees for Ireland visa application:

  • Short Stay ‘C’ Visa- €60
  • Multiple Entry Visa -€100

Visa process duration for Ireland short term visa from India: 10 working days

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