Embassy Attestation

We render Professional services for Attestation, Apostille & Embassy Legalization,State HRD/Authentication and translation Services for your Educational,Non Educational & Commercial Documents.

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You can either visit our office to submit your documents otherwise you can directly courier your documents to our address,we will complete the process and courier it back to you safely.

NOTE: We rely on third party courier companies for courier services.Extra charges applied.


Attestation is the process for scrutinizing the authenticity of a document by corroborating every detail given on it and then confirming it authentic with the sign and stamp of verifying personnel on it. Legalization of a document to the required level is mandatory so that it could be accepted easily by a foreign country. In India, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is government authority for attestation of public documents.


Attestation or Legalisation of document ( educational,personal or commercial) is the process of authenticating a document from one country to the required level so that the UAE government will be happy to accept that it is genuine. It’s a way of checking that an overseas document is genuine or not. 



All documents need to be attested by the authorities of the issuing state after authentication/verification of document from the issuing authorities.Human resource development (HRD), Home Department and chamber of commerce are the state authorities responsible for attesting educational, personal and commercial documents respectively.

MEA is the highest body for attestation of document in India. It attests the document after completion of authentication/verification process by particular states from